In the second game

In the second game, Christian Monohan poured in 14 points in the Stingrays 47 15 pounding of the South Jersey Blitz. Cordes and Timothy Lewis teamed for 18 points in the win. Grace Sundback and Jackie Lanza combined for 14 points as the U9 Staten Island Diamonds topped the Wyckoff YMCA 26 10 in the Fairfield Shootout.

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Fake Yeezys Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Games design studio Ninja Theory has submitted plans to knock down the old Five Bells on Newmarket Road and replace it with a new headquarters for the company, which would incorporate a pub on the ground floor.Revamped Five Bells pub could be Cambridge’s first ‘game bar’Ninja Theory’s planning application states that the venue will be an extension of its brand that “expands the company’s community culture”, and Tameem Antoniades, the company’s co founder, said: “No one here needed much convincing to decide that having a pub there would be a good idea and that we should run it ourselves. A lot of the best ideas come from chatting in the pub, so we hope it will be a good thing creatively.”The Five Bells was on the site previously, so hopefully it will help us get planning permission.”Mr Antoniades said that although there was likely to be a heavy gaming influence at the pub, the overall design has yet to be finalised.”Obviously there’s a sense that we should theme it around gaming, and I’d be extremely surprised if it didn’t feature some arcade machines,” he said.”But the main thing is that we want to create a place for our staff and the local community to enjoy, hang out, and be creative. The objective isn’t to make the most popular pub in Cambridge, but we would like it to be the coolest.”Plans to knock down city pub to make way for new gaming barNinja Theory’s new game, Hellblade: Senua’s SacrificeNinja Theory is currently based at the Westbrook Centre, and employs about 100 people. Fake Yeezys

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17 czerwca, 17:30
Stadion Narodowy - Warszawa
Stal Kraśnik Lublinianka
Stal Kraśnik Lublinianka
 Poz.  Drużyna Mecze Punkty Z-R-P Bramki
  1. Chełmianka Chełm 34 88 28-4-2 105:19
  2. Górnik II Łęczna 34 73 23-4-7 81:47
  3. AMSPN Hetman Zamość 34 72 22-6-6 88:33
  4. Tomasovia Tomaszów Lubelski 34 67 19-10-5 89:34
  5. Stal Kraśnik 34 61 17-10-7 84:45
  6. Kryształ Werbkowice 34 58 18-4-12 57:40
  7. Lewart Lubartów 34 53 14-11-9 63:49
  8. Łada Biłgoraj 34 46 14-4-16 48:56
  9. Powiślak Końskowola 34 45 13-6-15 47:55
  10. Kłos Chełm 34 42 12-6-16 43:55
  11. Lublinianka 34 42 10-12-12 50:48
  12. Włodawianka 34 42 13-3-18 55:69
  13. Victoria Żmudź 34 39 11-6-17 50:63
  14. Polesie Kock 34 38 10-8-16 62:75
  15. POM Iskra Piotrowice 34 35 10-5-19 55:75
  16. Unia Hrubieszów 34 35 10-5-19 41:53
  17. Lutnia Piszczac 34 22 5-7-22 27:77
  18. LKS Milanów 34 3 0-3-31 18:170
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